Transportation Reimbursement for Public School Full-Time Open Enrollment, Part-Time Open Enrollment, Additional Year Tuition Waivers, and the Early College Credit Program

Welcome to the Open Enrollment Transportation Reimbursement Online Claim for the 2021-2022 school year.

Parents who are eligible to complete this online claim will have children that:

- attended a nonresident district through the Wisconsin full-time public school open enrollment program, attended a nonresident district on an additional year tuition waiver, participated in Part-Time Open Enrollment, or participated in the Early College Credit Program;


- qualified for free or reduced price meals under the federal school meals program.
(Note: It is not necessary to have applied for or be receiving free or reduced price meals to be eligible for transportation reimbursement. It is only necessary that you meet the income requirements for the program.)

To simplify the process of completing a claim, this new online claim system can automatically fill in required household information you have previously provided on your open enrollment application.

In order to use previous household information, we must verify your identity to connect to your open enrollment application account.

Follow these steps to verify your identity:

  1. Enter the email address used when completing your open enrollment application. Then, click the Verify Email button.
  2. The system will send an email with a verification code to the email address you enter, so you will need access to that email account.
  3. Once the email is received, enter the code provided in the email into the Verification Code field on the Transportation Reimbursement Claim page. Then, click Next.

Note: If you do not have access to or cannot remember the email address used for your open enrollment application account, enter an email address that you currently use and have access to. You will be able to enter all the required household information into the online claim for transportation reimbursement.

Verify your identity to access the Transportation Reimbursement Claim Form