Wisconsin Student Number Validation Site
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Manual Entry Validation

Use the Manual Entry Validation page to enter WSNs on-line. Separate multiple WSNs with white space (a space, tab, or carriage return). Once you finished entering the WSNs you wish to validate, click the submit button. The results will be displayed on screen. There will also be the option to download the results file.

File Upload & Validation

To upload a file containing WSNS you wish to have validated, click the link to the FileUpload page. Click the browse button to browse to the file containing the WSNs. Select the file you wish to upload. Click Open. To process the file, click Submit. For file format instructions, click on the help icon.

If the file is in the wrong format or errors have occurred you will see them displayed along with a suggested course of action. To download the file, just follow the on screen instructions.

Main Menu

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